Open Test and Tune: Street Cars


with your street-legal car

Call (419) 884-4000
*Please note pre-registration  available until 5pm on the last business day prior to the course.
*Walk-up registration accepted if course enrollment is not full.

2018 Schedule:
April: 26 
May: 24
June: 8
August: 16
September: 6 
October: 4 (start 4:30p)


Always wanted to get your car on the track at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course? This is now the least expensive option! Get some track time at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in your qualified street car (Sorry no SUV's, vans or trucks eligible to participate.) Each group will receive approximately three 20-minute open or lead-follow track sessions, depending on driver qualifications and track conditions.

  • Lead-Follow Sessions
    • For those drivers who have never been on a track before or those who have completed the Acura High Performance Course or Day One of the Acura Racing School.
  • Open Lapping Sessions
    • For those drivers that have completed Day Two and/or Day 3 of the Acura Racing School or the Lapping Program.

To ensure your safety and others participating, all cars are subject to random inspections before and throughout the test sessions. Convertibles are permitted in our Lead/Follow Lapping Sessions only. No convertibles in Open Lapping Sessions unless equipped with competition permitted aftermarket roll cage or a removable hardtop. 

No passengers in any cars at any time. This program requires all drivers to use their own street legal vehicle and provide their own helmets.

Special Race Car sessions are made available for the public using race cars on select Open Test & Tune session dates.


  • Full-course, open or lead-follow lapping in sessions by group
  • Fuel will be available for purchase
  • Registration begins at 3:30 pm at the Mid-Ohio School booth located in the lower paddock.  A meeting for all drivers begins at 4:15 pm, with the first on track session starting at 5:00 pm.

Fuel Available

  • Cam2 (Purple) Leaded 100 Octane
  • Cam2 (Clear) Unleaded 100 Octane
  • 260GTX Unleaded Non-Oxygenated 98 Octane
  • Premium Unleaded 93 Octane

Octane ratings are calculated by r/m method. All fuel is delivered by certified metered pumps. Purchaser assumes all responsibilities for fuel selection. All sales are final. Pumps are available Monday - Friday 8AM-4PM and on weekends from April 1st - November 1st. Payment method is by major credit card only - including but not limited to: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Sunoco credit and cash cards. Cash cards are available at the souvenir booth (hours vary by event) located next to the paddock food stand.  The cash cards will help alleviate the problem associated with repeated credit card use at the pumps and will increase the purchase amount to the amount on the card.  Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course cannot provide technical data regarding fuel formulations or acceptability to sanctioning bodies.  For more information regarding fuel formulations, please go to:


Course Ideally Suited For:

  • Graduates of The Mid-Ohio School High Performance, Advanced High Performance and Lapping programs
  • PCA, BMWCCA, Audi and other Car Club Instructors or experienced Club Track Event participants
  • Novice Enthusiasts who want to explore The Mid-Ohio School programs
  • Novice Enthusiasts who want to taste the thrill of high speed lapping in a lead-follow environment in their own car

Driver Eligibility
All 'open lapping' drivers must be graduates of the Acura Advanced High Performance Course or higher or present proof of a current SCCA PDX, NASA HPDE or other car club credentials to provide documentation of the completion of an on-track course including being signed off by a Mid-Ohio instructor to drive solo. All other drivers just need a qualified street car.


Participant must be age 15 ½ and have a temporary permit or valid driver's license to enroll. Parent/guardian must sign a waiver for participant under the age of 18.

Parents are welcome to enroll in the program with teenager or stay and watch throughout the day of the program. Guest lunches are $8 each.

All participants, or their parent or guardian, are required to sign a liability waiver if using a school car. This waiver states, in the event of damage to the vehicle, you would be responsible for up to $1,500 in damages.
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