Cobra Club Event


$425 through 4/13
$475 effective 4/14



This two day event is organized in conjunction with the Ohio Cobra Club and is open to Cobra and Mustang owners. For more information on the Ohio Cobra Club, please visit their website at During this program, participants will be separated into three different skill level groups (Novice, Intermediate and Advanced). Activities will vary by group. We encourage guests to watch the students as they participate in the drills. Lunch will be available for purchase on both days at the Mid-Ohio concession stand.

Day 1 - June 19, 2018:

Registration will take place at The Mid-Ohio School Booth in the lower paddock from 8:30AM - 9:00AM, followed by a Drivers meetiing at 9:00AM.  Morning driving activities will begin at 9:15AM and run until approximately 12:00PM. Novice driviers will participate in classroom, skid pad, slalom/braking and autocross drills while the Intermediate and Advanced participants will have segment training around the track.

The afternoon schedule will be rotating lead/follow (Novice Group) and open lapping (Intermediate and Advanced Groups) from 1:00 - 5:00PM.

Day 2 - June 20, 2018:

Activities will be the same format as previous years. There will be a Drivers meeting at 9:00AM, with on track seesions beginning at 9:30AM.  The morning session is divided into two groups. Following the lunch break from 11:30AM-1:00PM, participants will be combined into one group for three afternoon sessions with breaks in between, finishing by 5:00PM.



Participant must be age 15 ½ and have a temporary permit or valid driver's license to enroll. Parent/guardian must sign a waiver for participant under the age of 18.

Parents are welcome to enroll in the program with teenager or stay and watch throughout the day of the program. Guest lunches are $8 each.

All participants, or their parent or guardian, are required to sign a liability waiver if using a school car. This waiver states, in the event of damage to the vehicle, you would be responsible for up to $1,500 in damages.
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