Here are some answers to questions we're frequently asked about The Mid-Ohio School and our programs. Those marked with an * are specific to our Performance Track Riding programs.
Q: What kind of transmissions do the school cars have?
A: Most of the Acura ILX vehicles have standard transmissions, though a limited number of automatic transmission Acura ILXs are available. All of the Honda Civics have automatic transmissions. The Honda S2000 roadsters are all manual transmission vehicles.
Q: How does the Skid Car work?
A: The skid car simulates hazardous driving conditions like rain, snow, ice, wet leaves and gravel through the use of hydraulically, or manually, controlled outriggers. These outriggers support the majority of the weight of the car, creating less contact between the tire(s) and the driving surface. The car is designed to properly teach students how to react to the effects of oversteer and understeer.
Q: Can I use my own car or motorcycle?
A: You may use your own street legal car for the Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program, Acura High Performance Course, Acura Advanced High Performance Course, Lapping Program, Two- and Three-day High Performance Programs, Corporate Program, Coaching Program and Competition Licensing. It's highly recommended to use the school-supplied Hondas and Acuras due to the typical wear and tear from going through an extensive driving program. Additionally, The Mid-Ohio School's cars are specifically set up for use in these courses. Students in the Open Test and Tune and Performance Track Riding must provide their own vehicle.
Q: May I use my convertible car?
A: Convertible automobiles are welcome for use in all on-track driving programs at The Mid-Ohio School  as long as they are equipped with a proper roll bar.  Roll bars are not required for Lead/Follow track lapping.  Rules do vary by course type. Please read the Requirements section for each course.
Q: What should I wear?
A: Dress casually and comfortably. Closed-toe shoes are required.
Q: Will helmets be provided?
A: Defensive helmets will be provided to all driving program students. Helmets are not required for the Honda Teen Defensive Driving Programs. Participants in the Open Test & Tune sessions must provide their own helmets.
Q: Will lunch be provided?
A: Yes, lunch is included for participants (afternoon and twilight sessions excluded). Guests may purchase lunch for $10 each. Please contact us in advance if a guest plans to purchase lunch.
Q: *What preparations are essential to my bike?
A: CLICK HERE for detailed Bike Preparation.
Q: *Will gas be available to buy?
A: We have Sunoco gas available through our credit card pay pumps.

Fuel Available
  • Cam2 (Purple) Leaded 100 Octane
  • Cam2 (Clear) Unleaded 100 Octane
  • 260GTX Unleaded Non-Oxygenated 98 Octane
  • Premium Unleaded 93 Octane
Pumps are available any time the facility is open.  Payment method is by major credit card only - including but not limited to: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Sunoco credit/cash cards.
Q: *What time do gates open?
A: Gate 3 is typically open by 7am.  Please check specific course information on the website or in the information packet emailed to you along with the order confirmation.
Q: *What about check-in/registration?
A: Registration and tech will open two (2) hours prior to the first on-track session. A rider’s meeting usually occurs 40 minutes before the first session. Please check the separate informational e-mail you received as part of your enrollment confirmation for course specifics.
Q: *Which group goes on track first?
A: Please note formats vary by type of Performance Track Riding event, but typically, the format is as follows: Riders will be separated into three skill-sets – Intermediate, Advanced, and Novice. Intermediate riders will begin the session, followed by Advanced and Novice. The first group will take the track at 8:45am. Any changes will be announced during the mandatory riders' meeting which takes place at approximately 8:15am.  Twilight sessions: Riders' meeting will be at approximately 4:30, with the first group typically on track at 5:00pm.  Each group will have 20 minute sessions starting with Intermediate then Advance. 


To expand Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course's use beyond motorsports entertainment and to promote driver safety, especially among teenagers, The Mid-Ohio School was created in 1993 with the Honda Teen Defensive Driving Program as its cornerstone. Five driving courses were offered the first year. In 1994, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. began its partnership with The Mid-Ohio School, which continues today.

In 2006, The Mid-Ohio School expanded even further, launching a motorcycle riding division. The addition of this discipline to The Mid-Ohio School made it the first school in the nation to cater to both motorcycle and driving enthusiasts. KTM joined on as a partner as the official motorcycle of The Mid-Ohio School from 2008 thru 2012.

The Mid-Ohio School provides professional driving and riding instruction to drivers and motorcyclists of all skill levels. The school’s automobile courses include Defensive Driving, High Performance and Racing. The motorcycle side features two Performance Track Riding formats. Students enjoy classroom sessions, skill drills, expert private instruction and lapping on the same track that challenges the world’s top racers. In 21 seasons, The Mid-Ohio School has 53,500 graduates, including 18,500 teenagers and 13,300 motorcycle riders

Local Information and Accomodations

A number of quality lodging options are available near Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course -- the location where The Mid-Ohio School courses are held.

The Comfort Inn-Bellville and Quality Inn & Suites-Bellville are the Preferred Hotels of Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. For reservations and information, contact the Comfort Inn-Bellville at (419) 886-4000 or Quality Inn & Suites at (419) 886-7000. Mention that you are attending The Mid-Ohio School and these two hotels will offer you a discount off their standard room rates.

For further tourist information, please contact the Mansfield and Richland County Convention and Visitors Bureau at 1-800-642-8282 or visit them online at www.mansfieldtourism.com.
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