M-O Motorcycling Minute: Performance Track Riding Revs Up This Weekend Under Mark Junge’s Guidance

Riding season is here at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Sports bike riders unite once again starting this Sunday with The Mid-Ohio School’s Performance Track Riding courses back in action.

Led by Mark Junge as the program’s new Chief Instructor, these full days of riding always emphasize safety first and have a renewed customer orientation.

“Every person is different which leads to differing ways of how each rider computes things,” said Junge.  “Our track coaches are accessible and approachable.  No secrets are kept on how to navigate the race track.”    

Junge is a former racer competing mostly in WERA events and also was a race team owner of the VESRAH Suzuki team fielding riders in the highest levels of U.S. motorcycle road racing. He is used to and gets enjoyment from working with a variety of riders and seeing them achieve success.

“Mid-Ohio is a unique place.  It’s a famous road course because of its history and heritage.  People want to come here because of it.  It’s not cookie cutter,” continued Junge. “The nuances of Mid-Ohio make it what it is which is one of the most difficult tracks on two wheels.  Getting out of the keyhole turn is one of the toughest things to do right in all of riding.”

In conjunction with The Mid-Ohio School Director, Sonny Gee, Mark Junge is also looking at launching a brand new curriculum for first time race track riders later this year.  Stay tuned to M-O Motorcycling Minute for the latest on that development and all The Mid-Ohio School’s latest Performance Track Riding news.