Competitor Information

Vintage Motorcycle Days & Vintage Grand Prix Garage Rental

For garage information, please contact:

Brian Sipes
Safety Manager
Green Savoree Mid-Ohio
(419) 884-4000 ext. 3035

*Please note this information is for the Permco Vintage Grand Prix on June 21-23 and Permco AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days on July 26-28. Competitors looking for garages during all other weekends, please contact the series or club directly. PTR garages are available through The Mid-Ohio School during enrollment or contact

Paddock Electric for Club Weekends

Paddock assignments will be handled through your group. Power is limited on a first come first served basis. Please refer to the paddock map for locations. A 110v 30a hookup is $50 and a 220v 50a hookup is $100. Payment expected at time of connection in the form of cash check or credit card. Please contact Dave Schwall at to arrange hookups.

Track Map with Corner Stations

Fuel Available

We have Sunoco Race Fuels available through our credit card pay pumps.
  • Cam2 (Purple) Leaded 110 Octane
  • Cam2 (Clear) Unleaded 100 Octane
  • 260GTX Unleaded Non-Oxygenated 98 Octane
  • Premium Unleaded 93 Octane
Octane ratings are calculated by r/m method. All fuel is delivered by certified metered pumps. Purchaser assumes all responsibilities for fuel selection. All sales are final. Pumps are available Monday - Friday 8AM - 4PM and on weekends from April 1st - November 1st. Payment method is by major credit card only - including but not limited to: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Sunoco credit. Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course cannot provide technical data regarding fuel formulations or acceptability to sanctioning bodies. For more information regarding fuel formulations, go to: Please call 800-521-5420 for bulk orders or other fuel options.