Which Acura High Performance Program is Right for you?

You’ve seen the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and thought, man, wouldn’t it be cool to drive on that? So you went to midohioschool.com and looked at our courses and thought, whoa, there’s a lot here! What do I choose? You finally narrow down your choices to the Acura High Performance courses but, which one?

Are you a beginner?

If so, then learn the fundamentals and try our main Acura High Performance course! This one day course teaches you why your vehicle performs the way it does and how to maximize it for more enjoyment driving and preparedness for any situation. You’ll go over all kinds of drills like high speed braking and turning, line drills and many more behind-the-wheel off-track drills. After you’ve completed the off-track drills, you’ll then compete against your fellow participants in an exciting autocross competition and a run-off in one of our Honda S2000 roadsters followed by instructor lead/follow lapping. This program is ideal for beginner driving enthusiasts, drivers who have previously become nervous or timid behind the wheel, families looking for a fantastic bonding experience or really any driver interested in improving their skills.

Are you an Acura High Performance Graduate?

Welcome to our Acura Advanced High Performance course. We’ll break everything down into smaller segments and really refine your new high performance skills. You’ll learn more precise lines and apply this to the many drills you’ll be running like high-speed cornering and lead follow lapping. Included in this course are instructor feedback, tips, and rides followed by several hours of open lapping. This course is best suited for Acura High Performance graduates who are looking to take the next step in their driving, car club members who are interested in really understanding Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and racers and time-trail drivers who want to master the course in a non-racing environment.

NEED more time on the track?

If you don’t just want, you don’t just need, you CRAVE more time on the track, our Lapping Program is for you. You’ll spend the full day on track with an hour of drills and then four or more hours of open lapping. There will be instructor lead follow sessions and observation, feedback and critique. You’ll find out first hand why Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is called “The Most Competitive Road Course in the U.S.” This course is for the most serious of car enthusiasts and you must first complete the Acura Advanced High Performance Course, Acura Racing School or another approved driving program with similar skill sets within the past 2 years or have a current license through NASA, SCCA, PCA, BMWCCA or another eligible racing organization.

Want the WHOLE Experience?

Take all three programs together in a 3 day curriculum! You’ll get the most of your driving experience in an all-in-one package. Check out midohioschool.com for available dates on all our Acura High Performance driving programs today!