You’ve seen the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and thought, man, wouldn’t it be cool to drive on that? So you went to and looked at our courses and thought, whoa, there’s a lot here! What do I choose? You finally narrow down your choices to the Acura High Performance courses but, which one?

It’s hard to pry a cell phone out of the hands of a teenager. Whether on the couch, at school or even at the dinner table, it seems like every teen has a phone glued to their hands.

NASCAR kicks off this weekend, and their crown jewel- the Daytona 500, happens to be the first race of their season. IndyCar drivers have a history of competing in the Daytona 500. We take a look at some of the IndyCar drivers who tried their hand at competing at Daytona.


The Paddock is like the locker room by comparison to hockey, football, basketball or baseball.  It is better known as the GARAGE area in the racing industry. Whenever the cars are not on the race track during an event weekend they will be found inside the Paddock. Race teams are assigned a space for housing each car and accompanying equipment, and the impressive, purpose-built transporter trucks transform into a fully functional temporary garage for race weekend.